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  1. About Us
    Introducing Foodaddle! A social platform that is all about family, friends, food and fun! For good times and great food, Foodaddle is an amazing place to grab free food and prizes just for socializing with your friends and family. All the social media features you love plus one-of-a-kind "special" perks you won't find anywhere else! Spread the word and Share us on Facebook! Sign-up today for our official launch updates.
    About Us
  2. Ad Management
    Everyone hates ads. Video ads, music ads, email ads, banner ads, display ads, pop-up ads, news feed ads and those annoying click-bait ads. Ads are everywhere. Not on Foodaddle. We give you 100% control over all the ads you see. You can see just a few ads or a ton of ads. You can even choose to see no ads at all. Your choice. At Foodaddle, we know you come for the socializing and not all the advertising. Yep, we get it.
    Ad Management
    Command Center
  3. Data Management
    We keep it real simple. We don't share your personal information with anyone. Not our advertisers, app developers or other users. We also don't track your internet activity, history, cookies, sites visited or what you had for dinner yesterday. You have full control over what we can and can't do with your data (the way it should be) so rest easy.
    Data Management
    Personal Information
  4. Everyone Eats
    Everyone eats so why not socialize and eat together? Foodaddle helps bring families and friends together to enjoy good times and great food. It's true that everyone eats but it's also true that everyone LOVES to eat for free! Let Foodaddle pick up your tab and enjoy your meal on us! Socialize, play and join the Foodaddle revolution where you can really sink-your-teeth into great food deals, wherever you are!
    Everyone Eats
    Food Rules!
  5. Social Incentives
    Wouldn't it be great get rewarded just for socializing and doing what you always do? That's just what happens when you chit-chat and chill with your family and friends on Foodaddle! Sound good? Play your favorite games, post those pictures or videos like you usually do and engage with your friends and family. Enjoy good times and great social incentives that you can use towards bigger and better awards.
    Social Incentives
    Fun & Exciting
  6. Earn Foodollars
    Forget about Bitcoin! You can really sink your teeth into our innovative online cryptocurrency, Foodollars! We make it easy for you to win and collect Foodollars as you socialize and engage with your friends and family while on Foodaddle. Redeem your Foodaddle cryptocurrency at the local pubs, restaurants and businesses wherever you live without any hassles or special equipment!
    Earn Foodollars
    Our Cryptocurrency
  7. Secure Virtual Economy
    The social ecosystem that our users create and the virtual economy they enjoy will require a superior security solution. With a decentralized transaction ledger for all cryptocurrency activity on Foodaddle, we maintain the integrity of all transactions and protect our users from fraud.
    Secure Virtual Economy
    Transaction Integrity
  8. Social Media Growth
    At Foodaddle, we're working 24x7 to build you an amazing, fun social media platform and you can really help us grow before we launch! Spread the word about Foodaddle and "Like" us on Facebook and"Share" us with your family and friends. Your support helps us tremendously! Subscribe to receive our occasional update regarding our launch and when we go-live, we will give you something extra special just for hanging with us from the beginning!
    Social Media Growth
    Building Traction
  9. New Ways to Engage
    We all love social media! Foodaddle is a great new social platform with all of your favorite features. Upload pictures or videos. Join the groups you like. Chat and message your family and friends. Post to your Timeline and more! While your old favorite ways to socialize are part of Foodaddle, we're introducing AMAZING NEW ways to engage and socialize! Wait until you see what we have in store for you! You're going to love us!
    New Ways to Engage
    Great Social Rewards
  10. Undeniable Results
    Never before has online advertising been made so easy and affordable for small and medium sized businesses. With Foodaddle's unique and innovative ad delivery system, advertisers receive unprecedented exposure and VERIFIABLE returns on their ad investments. Sign-up today and learn how advertising on Foodaddle will exceed your expectations when it comes to value, visibility and ROI.
    Undeniable Results
    Unbeatable ROI
  11. Now Hiring Awesome
    Are you a Front-end or Back-End developer? A Blockchain and cryptocurrency genius? Maybe you exel in UI or UX design? If you love coding and want to be part of an amazing team, Foodadle will really challenge your coding skills and get your creativity flowing! Jump on-board and join the next big thing in social network start-ups. Contact us to schedule an interview.
    Now Hiring Awesome
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