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At Foodaddle, we give you the very best features from  your favorite social media apps and websites.  PLUS, we also give you fun, exciting and entirely NEW ways to socialize and engage with your friends and family. 

Wait until you see what we have in store for you!  You're going to love adding Foodaddle to you list of favorite sites.  Here are just a few of the basic features we give you.
  1. Chat-Back
    All your favorite messenger features plus some extra special enhancements for you to enjoy!
    Chat & Message
  2. Cliques
    Whatever your interested in, we have a "Clique" you can join or a forum where you can be heard.
    Groups & Forums
  3. The Arena
    Games and apps galore for you to play and use with your family or friends. Play and earn rewards!
    Games & Apps
  4. Life Feeds
    Post your favorite content to share with your family or friends and enjoy the posts they share too!
    Social Posts
  5. Heads-Up
    We take streaming to a whole new level with our take on it. Have fun and enjoy this great feature too.
    Live Streaming
  6. Social Gallery
    Include pictures and videos in all your posts and create a gallery or album to share with everyone!
    Pictures & Videos
  7. Community Chest
    Sell it, buy it or give it away! We make it easy for you to reach the right people for whatever you need.
  8. *Only With Foodaddle*
    Plus, almost a dozen additional new, fun and innovative engagement features to share, use and enjoy!
    Custom Features